I think most would agree that A human consists of three constants, the mind, body, and soul. When one or all three are not healthy it leads to a breakdown or the other two compensating. The Human body is just like any other machine that can break when a certain amount of stress or frustration is encountered. Therefore, like other machines, its maintenance is important.

If the body becomes ill you go to the doctor and he will examine you and prescribe medication. If the mind is ill you go to a psychologist or counselor and they will use talk therapy or medication to heal the mind. But what about the soul ( spirit), Who do you see for soul sickness? It is my belief that if you heal the soul, the body and mind will follow. Spiritual healing is accomplished by a combination of meditation, unblocking Chakras, and energy work such as reiki or other energy healing modalities. Metaphysical healers are trained in the use of energy (chi) and heal in the spirit realm.

Energy helps to release energy blocks which in turn opens the spirit to become a vessel to receive the universe’s divine truth, love, and true healing. Spiritual healing methods have existed since the dawn of time, although many religions tried to suppress healers by demonizing them by calling them evil or witchcraft. Many don’t know that Shamanism is the first recorded history of religion. Shamans believe it must be healed on the spiritual plane before it manifests into the physical plane. We usually treat our physical pains but do not pay attention to the real cause.

If our body is surrounded by a healthy environment, we remain healthy and vice versa. Similarly, if we surround ourselves with negative energy, we soon find ourselves in disturbing situations. In order to deal with such a situation, it is essential that we surround ourselves with positives and release all negative energy, thoughts, or emotions. An energy healer can remove this negative energy, but it is the client’s responsibility to keep their thoughts and emotions free from any negativity. It’s like taking your car to get an oil change and they remove the old oil and replace it with fresh clean new oil which makes the engine run smooth. Eventually, after some miles, you need to replace oil again. The same is for energy healing. I can remove the negative energy from your body, but it is up to you to maintain it. Knowone can do your push-ups for you. The beauty of energy healing is it is something that can be taught. Some people are born healers and others can learn, but we are all healers and I promise once you open the door you will never be the same.

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