Esoteric healing

What is Sacred Esoteric Healing?

The word Esoteric simply means inner-most – to come from an essence that is found deep within, and that is innate in us all. The modality practiced as Sacred Esoteric Healing therefore, is a form of energetic healing that, first and foremost, supports the re-connection to an individual’s innermost essence.

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The philosophy of Sacred Esoteric Healing applies the scientific fact and discoveries that all matter in life is formed by and from energy at its core, and thus in other words it can be said that everything is energy. Serge Benhayon, founder of Sacred Esoteric Healing has been teaching since 1999 the relativity of this scientific discovery that:

“Everything is Energy, and therefore, Everything is because of Energy.” ~ Serge Benhayon

When applied to healing, these are very powerful words, as they ask and invite a much deeper consideration of our ills and symptoms and where, and what, may be the underlying root cause of how they came to be. In other words, what undesirable, damaging and offending energy is resulting in such negative impacts in my body and health?

A Sacred Esoteric Healing session provides not only a treatment that supports a deep letting go and calmness to our body, to foster the reconnection to our innermost, it also supports us to change, transmute and re-configure the obvious deleterious energies that are blocking the otherwise natural flow of our innermost.

Sacred Esoteric Healing gives us an opportunity to not just put a Band-aid on (i.e. a solution) and carry on in the same way regardless, but to stop and contemplate what had occurred that was not true to our essence, which resulted in disharmony in our body.

If one can truly arrest the offending energy that caused the disharmony, the disharmony itself can be healed, for there will be no energy producing it. If we fix the problem but not the underlying energetic root cause, which will always come down to be energetic, we may attain temporary relief, but not true healing.

Sacred Esoteric Healing, very powerfully, offers the opportunity to connect back deeply with the innermost of you, from where healing of any-thing is possible.

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