Spiritual coaching

Spiritual coaching can take many forms. As a discipline, it is rooted in the belief that the spirit is connected to the mind, body, and emotions. One of the main goals of spiritual coaching is to help clients reach a state of awareness or self-realization. I will act as a motivator and mirror your spirit. This will enable you to realize your own strengths and abilities and enhance your relationship with yourself and others.

What happens in a spiritual coaching session?

A typical spiritual coaching session starts with the client being led through a guided meditation so that they become grounded. Once grounded we discuss what the client wants to work on and use spiritual tools to help the client come up with answers from a spiritual aspect. I teach that a lot of life’s issues and pains are just a way of the spirit nudging you to move, change and wake up. The spirit knows what’s best and when you are not doing the work that is needed, it will turn your life upside down until you re-adjust the course. I go into detail about the issues that are plaguing the client and use spiritual tools to help clients work things out on a soul level.
I became a spiritual coach because I truly believe that all anxiety, depression, pain, and disease stems from a disconnect from the spirit. The disconnect leads to blocks into chakra’s, which is your connection to your higher self.

These are examples of questions I ask to get the answers that will have a profound life-altering effect.


The way is a spiritual program designed to assist souls on all levels through the awakening process. What is the awakening process? It is a series of events in which the universe makes life so uncomfortable that you are forced to grow and change. Once you open Pandora’s box there is no going back, not even if you wanted to. The journey at times can leave you feeling lost with nowhere to turn for answers. Life and even the people in it no longer resonate with you. You will develop a deep emptiness and an unquenchable quest for fulfilling your soul’s purpose. In some cases, something traumatic will happen such as a breakup, divorce, loss of career, or even the death of a loved one. The event shakes the soul in such a way that a person has soul loss. Soul loss happens from fear and part of your soul leaves your body. In some cases, childhood traumas will surface because they have plagued your life for too long and it is time to heal and release them so your soul can do what it was sent here to do.

The Way is a program that will give you the bread crumbs to ease the pain and give an understanding of what the journey is about. Many will discover they are healers, empaths, lightworkers, teachers. Most know they have a gift and suppressed it as a child or they had soul loss from a traumatic incident and were so scared they forgot their gift. The journey is very hard, this is why most won’t do it. It is a lonely road but yet one that must be taken to discover who you really are.

To become awakened and fully be able to let spirit guide you, your mind, body, and soul must be cleansed.

I use a combination of:

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