Meditation is a wonderful journey filled with surprises. When you use the spiritual techniques to turn within, you connect with aspects of yourself and the Cosmic Consciousness you may not presently know exist. Take charge of your life through meditation and receive the amazing benefits of spiritual awakening. Join Mary Ellen Flora in this journey within and discover yourself.
Meditation is amazingly healing. Heal yourself spiritually and physically by learning to balance your spirit and body duality. Experience your spiritual nature and grow to respect your physical characteristics. Use the ancient spiritual techniques to discover your beauty, power, and talents.

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These easy techniques, taught in a modern format include:

Learn the benefits of meditating with others and a simple guided meditation that everyone can practice.

“As each individual meditates, communication with God is enhanced for all humanity. When you create your life from your spiritual information, rather than from your physical desires, you raise your awareness and the awareness of those with whom you come in contact. Meditation is the process through which you can heal yourself and your world. It is the path back to your spiritual awareness and your open relationship with God.”

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