My Journey

My name is Sean Dawson and I share my story because I feel by sharing my truth it will help many struggling through this journey we call life. I believe there are many out there who also have experienced this awakening, but because it goes against what society deems as sane, many stay quiet to avoid judgment.

In 2001 around the time of 9-11, I believe a big shift in consciousness occurred. As for me, I started noticing number sequences that I later would discover were often called synchronicity. The numbers that I first witnessed were 1:11, 5:55, and 11:11. I was drawn to look at the clock precisely at one of those times throughout the day. I would see the numbers on receipts, license plates, phone numbers, emails, and just about anywhere you can think of. This went on for approximately three years before I could not deny it anymore; I had to find answers because this could no longer just be a coincidence. I did a simple google search on “reasons I keep seeing 11:11”. I was amazed at what I found and realized I was not going crazy. There were many other people that also were experiencing what I now call the 11:11 phenomenon. In short, 11:11 is an awakening code, a portal if you will, that allows the universe to communicate to us. It’s a sign from the universe that your soul is being called to awakening to do your work or learn your lesson.

During this time, I also developed discoid lupus which I believe is connected to spirituality awakening. This is the reason there are no cures for autoimmune diseases. I soon began to meditate and quickly saw the benefits, connection to source, and the peace it brought. I then was led to energy healers and learned about chakras, auras, and my mental state. I learned reiki and quickly saw the benefits it had on my pain associated with lupus. I studied ancient esoteric energy healing and took some course work in shamanism. The best way I can describe it is that I call in energy. I feel a jolt of light that goes from the sun through my head down my spine, through my feet to the center of the earth and then back to my heart. Once I am attuned, my hand becomes extremely hot, almost burning. When I put my hands on them, they instantly go to sleep. I find the blocks and remove them from your body. People say they go into a meditative state of complete relaxation. Some have visions of deceased family members, others have emotional releases. Because of my past 25 years experiences, I have been afraid to share my gift. The universe kept sending me signs like breadcrumbs leading me down the path to enlightenment. Spiritual like-minded people started showing up in my life. Spirit animals started showing up in my life, so much that I had to film them. I finally got the message, which was to trust the universe, trust the process.

this was taken in Sedona, AZ on my way to a vortex

My story:

My name is Sean and I’m a certified Life and Spiritual Coach, as well as a mentor. I am also a reiki master and also trained in esoteric healing. I consider myself a spiritual advisor or a mystic if you will. I know you are saying what is a mystic? Are mystics born or made? A mystic has to be born to have this innate gift of a certain temperament and outlook on life. … This is why Not Everyone Is A Mystic, and this is also why not everyone who is a mystic may know what they really are. They must be awakened to their calling. How can I become a mystic? You become a mystic by searching for Truth: the Reality, Cause, and Source of Life. You seek to know your soul, your True Self, your own spiritual essence. It’s quite an adventure if you have the courage to face your fears. You’ll move from a habitual belief in the world of matter to a realization that everything truly is Spirit. A true mystic takes parts of different religions and pulls them all together to make them into one teaching.

I have personally been in counseling off and on since I was 5 years old. As a child suffered from terror dreams and didn’t sleep through the night for the first 6 years of my life. I would awaken screaming in terror, and fall from the top bunk, and hit the floor every night. It was a recurring dream, in which a glowing, white witch was chasing me and one thing I knew for sure is it would be there every time I went to sleep. Every night I would be scared to go to sleep and lived in a constant state of fear for years. One night I dreamed that I walked downstairs and looked out my front living room window. In my front yard, I saw a graveyard with headstones and hundreds of glowing Skelton witches. It was the most terrified I had ever been up to that point. Soon after my parents took me to a Psychologist and after a few sessions, he instructed me to draw a picture of what I saw. All I could describe was it was a glowing witch-like skeleton, but I would draw what looked like a black blob. In one session the psychologist told my mother to give me some warm milk and oreo cookies before I went to bed at night. My mother followed his instruction that night and that was the first time I sleep through the night in the first 6 years of my life. I never had the dream again after that night. As adult man

I have suffered from depression and anxiety for over 30 years. I started Divine SOULution, Because I know all too well the confusion surrounding the pain life lessons, and awakening. If you truly examine your life, you will discover that all the so-called mistakes you have made were bread crumbs that have to lead you down the path I call your journey. The more painful the lesson, the more awaken you will become because there is no other way to learn the valuable spiritual lessons life teaches. A dear friend Of mine, Lara told me something that has always stuck with me. She said,” We come to earth to learn a life lesson and we will keep returning until we learn the lesson”. She refers to it as ANGEL SCHOOL. I share my story in hopes that I will help and transform others.

I always start each session by saying,” all I know is I know nothing at all”. Each person’s journey is their own. The answers that you seek I cannot give you, because they are within you. The true live changing answers exist in doing the hard work. The peeling back of layers and a true desire to want to answer the true spiritual calling is what I can help with.
All I ask of you, is to book a free 30 min session and we will figure out at what level you are at in the spiritual awakening. I can promise the tools I give you will ease the anxiety, worry, and aloneness that comes with the pains of the journey.

Some of the things you will learn


I will teach you how to work through the dark night of the soul


I will teach you about energy shifts and how to protect yourself


I will teach you about synchronicity and how spirit talks to you


I will teach you how to work with energy


I will help you raise your vibration


I will help you detach from your ego

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