Life Coaching

What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching helps clients work through life’s issues from a different approach. Unlike therapy, coaching get’s to the bottom of what’s troubling you, but in many ways you will become your own therapist. I will show you how to access what lies deep in you and bring it to the surface. I offer unique tools and techniques to help you make life-altering changes you need to live life on purpose. I tell clients, “All I know is I know nothing at all”. The truth is all the answers you seek are within you and no one can tell you what’s best for you or how to live your soul’s purpose. Each person’s journey is their own and once you come up with your own answers this is when true healing or lasting life changes occur. As a life coach, I will give you the bread crumbs that will lead you down the road less traveled. I have found many won’t do the work and the main reason for the resistance is fear. Fear of failure, fear of change, fear of loss, but most importantly the fear of the unknown. As a Coaching, I propose questions to clients that help them get their own answers to hard questions. For example, I ask  If I truly changed how I have been doing things, how would this affect my life? Am I taking 100% responsibility for my life in every circumstance in my life or am I being a victim of circumstance? It takes courage to change and set your sail in a new direction in life. I use the analogy of a  ship without a navigation system,  the tide will take the ship in whatever direction it chooses. Without navigation, the ship will stay lost at sea, until it finds a beacon to get back on course. Life coaching is the navigation and I have personally seen its guidance proved time and time again. Remember no decision is a decision. Life is to be lived fully because this is not a rehearsal. To be brutally honest the work is hard at times, but what in life comes easy that last? My goal is to help you help yourself. I want you to feel inspired and motivated to live your best life, the life of your dreams living on your terms.  Life coaching will have a profound effect on all areas of your life. You will feel a shift on the first complimentary call. You will say, “ I can do this” and end all the excuses that keep you stuck. ARE YOU READY?

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